Find affordable primary care regardless of insurance status.

We search through thousands of data points to help you find the most affordable healthcare appointment personalized to your needs and location. Effortlessly! 😀

Accessing affordable healthcare wasn't possible without a health plan until now

Exclusive upfront pricing

We work directly with your local doctors to get you the best possible cash price comparable for even better than insurance rates without paying 3-4K a year in premiums.

10X better than online booking

Forget doctor directory or multiple phone calls to just find an appointment, let our artificial intelligent engine does the work and recommends options that work for you!

Zero commitment

We believe in healthcare to enable life, not vice versa. We want you to have freedom of choice. If you want to be a member, that’s cool, or else you can a la carte for services you need.

The problem we are solving

Healthcare is expensive because of the many middlemen who each takes a big piece of your hard-earned paychecks. Doctors are increasingly frustrated with the number of mandates and back office work that come with being caught in between.

We are the first platform at scale to enable doctors to work directly with patients regardless of your insurance status. Because of our simplicity, we’re able to bring the cost down while saving doctor time on extra paperwork.


Powered by AI, you can access Mira through multiple channels including web, phone, text, Alexa, Google Assistant, and more. High quality and affordable healthcare is always one step away regardless of where you are. 

We’re also available as an enterprise solution to automate appointment booking and intake. 

Actions speak louder than words

Those who tried it loved it.

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