Healthcare Simplified.

Mira help you get in-network doctors with discounted pricing. Without insurance.

  • Urgent care, imaging, STD tests
  • Same day in-person appointments
  • Discounted in-network prices
  • No more suprise bills
  • No insurance needed

The Struggle We All Know Too Well.

Sofia - Lyft driver in Texas

"I don't have insurance because the $350 monthly payment is more than my rent. Having Mira is a real piece of mind because it helps me get in-network doctors with really affordable prices!"

Mira Is Not An Insurance. We're A Lot Simpler.

Because there is no complicated billing and paperwork, our doctors are able to provide a better experience at lower costs.

1800+ Users. 10 Locations. And Growing.

See our current and coming locations:

  • Dallas, TX
  • Washington, DC
  • Alexandria, VA
  • Houston, TX (coming)
  • Atlanta, GA (coming)
  • New York City, NY (coming)
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